Background Check Disclosure

  • Joey, the entity that contracts with drivers who provide peer-to-peer deliveries requested through the Joey consumer app and service, is committed to safety and protecting customer goods. As part of that commitment, Joey may now, or at any time while you are an independent delivery provider (“Delivery Provider”) with an independent contractor relationship (“Contractor Relationship”) with Joey, verify information within your proposal to enter into or maintain a Contractor Relationship, résumé, or contract by obtaining a consumer report and/or investigative consumer report (background check) from a consumer reporting agency (“CRA”).
  • I have carefully read and understand this Background Check Disclosure, and by my electronic signature, authorize Joey to obtain a background check about me from a CRA in connection with my proposal to enter a Contractor Relationship. Joey uses a background check service from Checkr, Inc. located at 2505 Mariposa Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 – 1-844-824-3257 – Privacy policy: https://checkr.com/privacy-policy/
  • As allowed by law, I understand and agree that Joey may obtain additional background checks without a new authorization from me (1) during my Contractor Relationship with Joey, if any, and (2) from CRAs other than Checkr.
  • By registering as a “Driver” using the Joey Driver App and clicking “Continue” on the background check screen, you have acknowledged and agreed to have read and understand this BACKGROUND CHECK DISCLOSURE and further acknowledge to have read, understood and agreed with the statements contained in this BACKGROUND CHECK AUTHORIZATION. You have agreed that by providing your electronic signature and that your electronic signature is binding just like a signature in ink.

Note: Joey is a dba for Fortitheos, LLC.