Frequently asked questions.

When and how do I get paid?

Driver payouts are based on a percentage of the total fee we charge to customers.  You will be paid weekly and customers are given a 2-hour period to tip for excellent service.  To get more information on the current percentage splits, please email us at drivers@getjoey.com

How do I contact driver support?

You can contact Joey Driver Support at either drivers@getjoey.com or call us at 855-513-JOEY (5639)

What if a shipment is canceled when I'm already en route?

Cancellations unfortunately can’t be avoided. In the event that this occurs and after a review of the transaction, a cancellation fee of $13.40 for regular shipping and $8.00 for small-package courier and your share will be deducted from the customer and automatically be deposited into your account.

Can I ask for more money on a shipment?

No. When a Joey driver accepts a shipment, he or she is only responsible for the shipment request and any additional requests specified in the shipment details. The customer will have the opportunity to tip you for excellent service, however, it is not required or inferred.

Am I responsible for goods damaged during delivery?

Joey holds a hefty $1 million insurance policy. While Joey’s insurance typically covers damaged goods, each incident will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and a final determination will be made by the insurance company.

How does a shipment work?

After you’ve accepted a shipment, you’ll be required to do a few simple steps to complete the transaction.

The first step is to contact the customer to coordinate a pickup time via the driver app. This is done anonymously and can also be done before you accept the drive.

Upon arrival at your pickup location you’ll need to take a quick (no longer than 30 sec) video of the goods before handling and loading onto the vehicle.

Next, you’ll proceed to the item’s delivery location listed in the driver’s app. You can use any gps location app by simply clicking the delivery address.

After your cargo has been delivered, you will take an additional video of the goods before completion.

Note, you will not be able to proceed with the shipment or payment without recording the videos. This procedure is in place to protect you, as well as the shipper in case there is a damaged goods claim.

What equipment will I need to make deliveries?

Any driver operating a truck, van, or box truck must have blankets, straps, and a dolly. If you are in need of any or all of these items, you may purchase them through our preferred vendors and will qualify for a full reimbursement of these items after finishing 25 deliveries and have maintained a positive rating status. All proof of ownership of these items must be submitted to corporate prior to driving with Joey.

What do I need to be a Joey driver?

To be a certified Joey driver, you will need a valid driver’s license, current automobile insurance policy. You must be 18 years old and have no felonies or DUIs in the past 5 years.

All Joey drivers must maintain a 4-star rating or above to remain a Joey driver.

How can I be a Joey driver?

Becoming a Joey driver is fast and simple that involves an online application, background validation and an online tutorial. After signing up, you will be given a confirmation email where you can download the app and be on your way to earning extra cash!