How Joey works.

Joey connects people and businesses that need to ship something with drivers that can help load, haul, and deliver it. It’s just that simple.

Customers tell us what they want to ship, where it needs to go, and the service vehicle they need. A Joey driver will then contact the customer to schedule delivery.

A Helping Hand.
Or Two.

Upon arrival for pickup, our Joey driver will help the customer carefully load the item(s) onto the vehicle. Of course, if its a small package there’s no need. As an added service, customers can request an additional helper to aid in the loading and unloading of their shipment.

Your Shipment Safely En Route.

All drivers get secured background checks and each shipment is backed by our hefty insurance policy. Additionally, during shipment, customers can track their shipment live as it safely makes it’s way to their desired location. Customers can also contact the driver at anytime should they need to pass along any important information.

Mission Accomplished.

After the Joey Driver reaches their destination and has helped the customer unload the item(s), the customer can quickly and easily complete the payment, rate the driver, and leave a tip for excellent service. It’s really as simple as that!