Thanks for your order!

  1. A pre-authorization equal to the base 1 hour of service that you selected has been placed on the payment method used, to verify, similar to when you book a hotel.
    • If needed, this will be adjusted to the final amount once the drive is completed.
  1. Your delivery request is in our system, so just hang tight! Outside of high-volume periods, we typically deliver within 3 days from the time your request is placed. You will be notified when your request is accepted, and your driver will reach out directly to schedule!
    • Most delivery requests are accepted within a couple hours, if not the first few minutes.
  1. You will receive text alerts when…
    • Your drive is accepted by a Joey driver.
    • Your driver is headed your way to the pickup location
    • Your items have been delivered
  1. At the end of your delivery, you will be able to view final delivery details and rate or tip your driver, through the Joey app.
  2. The final amount for your delivery will be charged to your card. This may include any extra time or additional services if there were adjustments.


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