Joey Pays More Than Uber — Says a Driver That’s Done Both

Becoming a delivery driver has never been easier. But not all delivery services are made the same.

According to Owen Carpenter, a pickup truck driver who’s delivered for both Uber and Joey in Cincinnati says he makes much more money with Joey than he did when he delivered for Uber.

But money isn’t the only selling point. He also explains that he has more freedom to work with others as he chooses. He’s also reimbursed for delivery-related expenses.

If you own a pickup truck and are looking for a new side hustle, it’s time to ditch Uber and join Joey.

How To Turn Your Pickup Truck
Into a Money Maker With Joey

Joey is very different than Uber, DoorDash, and a lot of other app-based delivery services. While Joey does have an app, we specialize in peer-to-peer deliveries and last-mile logistics for businesses and retailers, not being a taxi cab or delivering food from restaurants.

As a peer-to-peer delivery service, Joey drivers deliver items directly from one person to another person within Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, and Lexington.

The last-mile logistics services allow businesses and retailers to schedule deliveries from their store, warehouse, or another facility to customers. Joey deliverers often deliver furniture, bicycles, exercise and sporting equipment, outdoor and indoor appliances, and a variety of other larger items.

Both peer-too-peer and last-mile logistics deliveries typically require a pickup truck, moving van, or box truck. While Joey has its own fleet of moving vans and box trucks, we’re always looking for drivers with their own pickup trucks.

Joey Vs Uber:
What Delivery Service Pays the Most? Hint: It’s Joey

And Joey pays more than Uber and other similar delivery services. Don’t take our word it.

Owen used to work as a delivery driver for Uber and Uber Eats and had this to say about the money-making potential there:

“With Uber and stuff, it’s fun, but I just don’t feel like I’m making enough money…”

He explains that he could be making a $60 food delivery order and still make under five bucks.

However, once he started using his pickup truck to make deliveries with Joey, he saw a substantial increase in income. He says that with Joey “you can definitely make a good amount of money. There’s a lot of great opportunities.”

A large reason why drivers make so much more with Joey than Uber or Uber Eats is because of how Joey pays its delivery drivers.

How Much Does Joey Pay Its Drivers?

Pickup truck delivery drivers are paid a flat $35 for the first delivery hour. It doesn’t matter if the delivery takes 15 minutes or the whole hour, the driver still gets paid $35 for that delivery.

After the first hour, deliveries are paid at the same hourly rate but per each minute worked.

For example, a delivery that takes 75 minutes would pay $35 for the first 60 minutes and then approximately $0.58 per minute for the next 15 minutes, which would be $8.75. For the whole 75 minutes, this amounts to $43.75.

On the other hand, if two deliveries are scheduled nearby, and the first takes 30 minutes and the second takes 45 minutes, pickup truck drivers are paid the full first delivery hour rate for both deliveries. That would amount to $70 for the same amount of work.

Joey also offers deliveries via moving vans and box trucks. Delivery drivers using these vehicles are paid a little bit more than if they were to use a pickup truck.

For moving vans, drivers are paid $38.5 for the first hour and about $0.64 per minute after that while box truck drivers are paid $49 per hour for the first hour and then about $0.82 per minute after the first hour.

Additionally, Joey reimburses drivers for any equipment or tools they may need to purchase to complete deliveries including:

  • A Moving Dolly
  • Ratchet Straps
  • Moving Blankets
  • Other Required Moving Equipment

While this isn’t a direct payment, it does allow drivers to acquire the equipment they can use for Joey and elsewhere in their lives. Once you’ve bought it, it’s yours. Just complete 15-25 deliveries and Joey will repay every cent. Think of it as a gift.

How Much Does Uber Pay Its Drivers?

Uber does not pay a flat hourly or minutely rate for deliveries. Instead of paying according to the time spent making the delivery, drivers are paid a different amount for each delivery they make based on a wide range of different factors including:

  • When the delivery is being made
  • The number of other people requesting deliveries at the same time
  • The area in which the delivery is being made
  • The distance of the delivery

Additionally, Owen says that much of what an Uber driver makes comes not from what Uber pays the deliverer but from the tips they make from the end consumer. And, unfortunately, the tips aren’t always the best.

With tips and delivery wages combined, Owen estimates that he averaged around $20 per hour when making deliveries with Uber Eats and about $30 per hour with Uber. While that’s not the worst paycheck in the world, it’s nothing compared to what he’s making with Joey.

Why Does Joey Pay So Much More?

Owen notes that he is paid more by Joey because Joey is more than just another app-based delivery service. It is also a “labor company.”

This means that drivers don’t just have to pull up, pickup, and drop off. They also have to load and unload the items being delivered.

For example, if a Joey driver is delivering furniture, they have to actually load and unload the furniture into the bed of their pickup truck.

Because of this, deliveries with Joey are a bit more physically demanding than with Uber. But at the end of the day, Owen is still making up to 75% or more money per hour with Joey than he was with Uber.

And that definitely pays for the little bit of hard work required during a Joey delivery.

The Best Part About Joey — Working With People You Want to Work With

Now you might think the best part about delivering with Joey is the fact that you can so much more money than you ever dream of making delivering with Uber, DoorDash, or any of those other apps.

But Owen says there’s something else about delivering with Joey that is worth even than money:

“One of the best things about working with Joey is that you can work with one of your good friends…I work with my brothers every so often but it’s really like people that you really want to work with. If you have a friend that you want to help them make a few bucks and you make a few bucks too, it’s fun to do that. It’s not just work all the time. It’s not just going to work and seeing some random faces that aren’t your friends. You can choose who you want to work with, and I think that’s really cool.”

While the typical Joey delivery includes one vehicle and one driver, larger deliveries may require a second hand. Joey allows its drivers to pick their own helpers and pays them $25 per hour.

Whenever Owen needs some help, he can call up one of his brothers or friends and work with someone he actually wants to work with.

Owen even says that while typically he selects his own helpers, there are times when none of his brothers or friends are available. Fortunately, Joey helps out in these circumstances and locates another helper.

When doing an Uber delivery, even if you bring friends with you, they’re not going to be paid for helping. Thus, not only are Joey delivery drivers paid more than Uber deliverers, they also have much greater work autonomy and are able to help their friends and family members make money with them.


When comparing Uber and Joey side-by-side, it’s clear that Joey is the winner. Joey pays its drivers more, reimburses expenses, pays helpers when needed, and allows its drivers to work with people they want to work with.

Uber, however, makes its drivers rely mostly on tips and won’t give a cent to anyone who helps out with the deliveries.

It’s really no comparison. Just ask Owen who has delivered with both, and he’ll tell you himself. So if you’re looking for a way to stable income, Joey is here for you. Uber, well, not so much.

— By Alexander Fred