4 Ways Last Mile Delivery with Joey Benefits Businesses

Last week, I was talking to someone about a two-part sectional sofa they ordered from a local furniture store. The first half arrived on time. However, the second half sat in a warehouse until 3 months later.

The warehouse was exactly 4.2 miles from his home.

So, he called the store. He complained. He explained the situation. He even offered to pick up the sofa himself.

But the sofa just sat there for three months because of “supply chain issues.” Needless to say, he’s never shopping there again.

However, the truly unfortunate part of this story is that the business owner had an option to make everything right from the beginning. With Joey’s last mile delivery services, both parts of the sofa could have been delivered to the customer within 3 days instead of 3 months — and, often, much quicker than that.

Using Joey, businesses in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, and Lexington can quickly deliver products from their on-site location to local customers. If you’re interested in a last mile demand delivery service that will keep customers satisfied, look no further: Joey is here.


Cut Costs by Outsourcing Last Mile Deliveries to Joey

Offering in-house delivery services for customers may seem practical. At first glance, this might seem like a convenient solution to get products to customers or create a new revenue stream. However, the costs of in-house delivery services often exceed the revenue generated by deliveries.

The Cost of In-House Deliveries

In addition to the initial fixed cost of purchasing a moving van or box truck, there is a whole host of other expenses including:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance
  • Gas
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Labor costs for all deliverers and helpers


While filling up the tank and paying a driver to deliver a sofa or bike was once relatively inexpensive, this is no longer the case. As we’ve seen in recent years, gas prices and general labor costs can spike drastically and unexpectedly.

Additionally, costs of insurance premiums and once inexpensive vehicle maintenance might increase due to inflation. Furthermore, even a small accident in a company vehicle by an employee could lead to substantial hikes to the insurance plan — not to mention possible legal costs for damages or injuries caused to others.

Joey: A Less Costly Alternative & Potential Revenue Stream

Joey offers an alternative to in-house last mile delivery services. Courier services for small retail purchases, legal documents, birthday gifts, or similarly sized items start at just $15 for a half-hour delivery.

For larger deliveries, Joey offers three cost-effective options for businesses:

Pickup Truck
$50 per hour
Economical and perfect for delivering lumber, drywall, sports and fitness equipment, lawn and garden materials, and small furniture
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Sprinter/Moving Van
$55 per hour
Protects items of various sizes from weather and outside environmental damage including electronics, artwork, furniture, and more
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Box Truck
$70 per hour
The largest option from Joey is great for deliveries of medium and large-sized items that don’t fit in a pickup truck or moving van
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Every delivery includes the assistance of the driver to help load and unload all merchandise onto the truck. If you need extra help, Joey provides additional helpers for $30/hour each.

Even better, these costs can be passed on directly to business consumers. They do not have to be incurred directly by the business. Businesses can charge a delivery fee directly to consumers to cover Joey’s costs. This allows businesses to make deliveries free of charge.

Businesses might even charge a little more than what Joey charges and create an additional revenue stream for the company without doing any work other than scheduling deliveries via the Joey app or desktop browser.


Keep Customers Satisfied with Faster Deliveries

One way some businesses cut delivery costs is by postponing deliveries until their moving van or box truck is full. This allows them to make more deliveries in a single trip, saving costs on gas and labor while reducing wear and tear on the vehicle.

But, this isn’t the most practical solution. While businesses may save some money in the short term, delaying deliveries unnecessarily may also result in lost customers and negative reviews. Fortunately, with Joey, there is no need to wait. All deliveries are made within 3 days after they are scheduled.

The Damage of Delayed Deliveries

Customers simply don’t want to wait weeks or months to receive things they bought in-store or online. Furthermore, if they know the items they paid for are just sitting in a box truck a few miles away, then they’re likely to become upset and take it out on the business holding their goods hostage.

While delaying deliveries may reduce some costs, it also negatively affects the perception of the company and brand by the consumer. Not only are first-time customers going to be less likely to shop at the store again, new delays may even cause once loyal brand ambassadors to walk away forever.

Negative reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, and elsewhere may follow. This can have long-lasting and devastating consequences. A potential customer who finds a series of negative Google reviews citing slow delivery times is less likely to buy from that company.

In other words, delaying deliveries to cut costs is not a real solution to the problem. It only creates new problems that could have long-term consequences for the success of the business. Long-term business strategizing requires finding another solution.

No Delays Allowed At Joey

Fortunatley, that solution is here in the form of Joey. All deliveries outsources to Joey are quickly and convenient completed within three days of the order.

The process is simple:

  1. Make a delivery request on the Joey app or website
  2. Receive a notification when the order is accepted
  3. Schedule a delivery time directly with the driver
  4. Receive a text notification when the driver is headed to pick up the item(s)
  5. Receive a text notification when the delivery is completed
  6. Review and tip the delivery driver

Not only does Joey save your business money, it also ensures that your customers receive their items without any hassle. This helps to ensure their satisfaction, so that they will be more likely to become and remain recurring customers and give your business a 5-star review on Google.


Get Money Back on Every Delivery With Joey

Joey strives to help businesses cut costs and ensure customer satisfaction with quick, easy last mile deliveries. But that’s not all Joey does. Businesses are also directly rewarded with monetary kickbacks for every delivery they make through Joey.

At the current time, Joey offers businesses using its Box Truck a kickback of $3 for every delivery made. For businesses making many deliveries daily, this can add up rather quickly and increase revenue generated by the business via outsourced delivery services by Joey.

Additionally, businesses can schedule their first delivery for free. There is no cost involved with trying out Joey and seeing if it is right for you and your business. Just visit this page to learn more about outsourcing your first delivery with Joey.


Joey Insures Against Damage

Commercial auto insurance can be quite expensive. For businesses that opt for in-house delivery services, this is a cost that must be paid even if a box truck or moving van spends most of its time sitting idle in the parking lot.

However, when making last mile deliveries with Joey, you don’t have to worry about paying for insurance. Joey’s insurance covers any damage against items that may occur between the pick-up and drop-off location.

Of course, Joey also takes extra care to ensure that damage never happens. Only licensed and insured drivers with clean records are trusted to deliver goods for Joey.

At Joey, every step is taken to protect your business’s reputation and to ensure a terrific delivery experience for all of your customers.


A Last Look At How Joey’s Last Mile Delivery Services Benefit Businesses

Businesses that use Joey for their last mile delivery needs will see the results immediately. Costs for gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and repairs will no longer eat away at the bottom line. Instead, businesses will be able to watch profits rise while providing high-quality and cost-effective deliveries to each of their customers.

This allows businesses to make deliveries faster and more efficiently while also creating a new revenue stream for their business. Not only can they pass on the costs of delivery to the customer, businesses also receive money back for every delivery made through Joey.

With licensed, insured drivers behind the wheel, businesses can trust Joey for all of their last mile delivery needs. Try Joey out for free today and experience the results for yourself.

— By Alexander Fred